Limited Benefit Medical Insurance

With ever-increasing healthcare costs, both employers and employees need affordable medical insurance solutions. MedMutual Protect’s Limited Benefit Medical insurance policy gives employees an option for benefits to help keep them healthy and increase productivity.

MedMutual Protect Limited Benefit Medical insurance is a solution that encourages employees to seek care when they need it instead of worrying about medical costs. With a Limited Benefit Medical policy, employees have:

  • Coverage for spouse and children.
  • Benefits for expected and unexpected medical costs.
  • Guaranteed issue coverage.

How it Works


Select a policy option.


If a covered employee or family member gets sick or injured, the policy pays covered indemnity benefits for hospital stays, doctor’s office visits, X-rays, lab tests and other procedures.

  • This coverage is in addition to any other medical insurance you may already have.
  • Benefits are paid directly to you with no restrictions on how the money can be used.

MedMutual Protect Discount Program: The MedMutual Protect non-insurance discount program provides access to a Discount Vision Policy, Nurse Hotline, Counseling Services, Hearing Aid Benefit, Personal Health Assessment (PHA), and Healthy Living Educational Programs*.

Short Term Disability Insurance

When it comes to insurance, most people protect their possessions, such as vehicles and homes, and plan for the unexpected with life insurance, but many people forget to protect a less obvious, yet important element of their lives—the ability to work and earn a living.

5.6% of working Americans will experience a short-term disability (six months or less) on average every year.1

MedMutual Protect Short Term Disability insurance provides partial replacement of an employee’s income in the event the employee suffers an injury or illness that requires the regular care of a physician and results in the inability to do his or her work. With a Short Term Disability policy through MedMutual Protect, employees receive:

  • Convenient coverage through payroll deductions.
  • The option to choose benefit duration periods.
  • Waived disability premiums during any covered disability.

How it Works


If you’re unable to work because of an accident or illness, simply file a claim.


Your benefits will begin after the waiting period and you’ll receive a check for the benefit amount you selected during enrollment.

  • You’ll get paid weekly for the benefit term.
  • Use the money for anything you need including your mortgage or rent payment, utility bills or groceries.

Help employees prepare for the unexpected.