Accident Indemnity Insurance

A sudden accident resulting in an injury to an employee or their loved ones can happen at any time. Even with minor accidents, costs can add up fast. A MedMutual Protect Accident Indemnity insurance policy pays employees benefits to help cover costs of injuries and medical services should an accident occur.

50 Children visit the ER Every Hour with an injury related to bikes, scooters, skates or skateboards.1

The MedMutual Protect Accident Indemnity policy offers unique benefits for employees and their covered dependents, including:

  • Flexible benefits for emergency care in a physician office, urgent care facility or emergency room.
  • On-going benefits for physical, speech and occupational therapies.
  • Policies may include Organized Athletic Benefit and Accident Health Screening Benefit riders.

How it Works


Select a policy option.


When an accident occurs-whether minor or major-the policy will pay a lump-sum benefit based on the type of injury incurred.


If treatment is received, the insurance policy will continue to pay benefits for services like:

  • Visit to the emergency room.
  • Physician’s office/Urgent care visit.
  • Hospital admission.
  • Ambulance—Air/Ground transportation.

Accident Expense Insurance

You never know when or where an accident may occur—and even minor accidents can leave employees with major expenses. With a MedMutual Protect Accident Expense insurance policy, employees will receive cash benefits for their billed charges should they have a serious injury as a result of an accident.

107,100 accidental injuries occur on average, each day.2

MedMutual Protect Accident Expense insurance is an easy-to-understand policy that offers an annual benefit amount with claims paid based on itemized or billed charges, regardless of other coverage. With an Accident Expense policy, employees have:

  • Complete coverage for spouse and children.
  • 24-hour or off-the-job coverage.
  • Accidental Death, Disability Income and Accident and Health Screening Benefit riders.

How it Works


Select a Policy option.


When an accident occurs—whether minor or major—the insurance policy pays out a cash benefit based on the total itemized charges incurred up to the maximum benefit amount. This payment is in addition to any other benefit or insurance received.


Emergency care, follow-up care, diagnostic exams and physical therapy are all included.

  • Choose a maximum calendar year benefit.
  • Off-the-job or 24-hour coverage offers protection when an accident occurs.

Help employees prepare for the unexpected.